Aromatherapy for Horses

Today, the use of aromatherapy is more common and accepted with horses than any other animal.  The majority of work with essential oils and horses is being done in Europe and the United Kingdom where there are a high percentage of horse owners and many equestrian events.  Australia also is becoming more accepting of the use of aromatherapy with horses due to the influence of Catherine Bird, the world's foremost equine aroma therapist.

Essential oils & hydrosols can work on your horse's physical and emotional levels. The Easy Now Equine Mist assists your horse emotionally.

All your horse has to do is inhale the molecules of the scent and let it trigger the release of neurochemicals in every cell in the body.  That process promotes relaxation and helps relieve fears.

If you do not know the cause of your horse's distress, please do not rely on aromatherapy mist.  It is to be used as a complementary method of therapy after consultation with your vet about your horse's health requirements.



What is a hydrosol?

A hydrosol is the water left over from the steam distillation process by which essential oils are produced.  People sometimes refer to them as: floral waters, hydrolats or hydrolates. These waters are highly diluted in nature and are therefore extremely safe to use.

How do I know this is safe for my horse?

The essentials oils & hydrosols that I use come from sources that guarantee their products to be:

  • certified organic,
  • wild crafted
  • tested for chemical contaminants
  • extracted specifically for therapeutic use
  • stored to maintain therapeutic value.

How can smelling an essential oil be healing to the horse?

The inhalation of scent molecules triggers a chain reaction through the olfactory system.  Messages are passed from that system to the limbic system (where emotions and memories are stored and the fight or flight response is triggered).  In this way, aromatherapy has an effect on the horse's state of mind and can cause a series of internal responses.  The limbic system and the hypothalamus give the message to release neurochemicals throughout the body. (ie. endorphins which reduce pain, seratonins which calm and relax and nonadrenaline which stimulates and enlivens.)  After the messages have been picked up by the limbic system, the aroma molecules are transferred from the lungs to the bloodstream and from there to every organ in the body.

See the photos below with Rocky and Marco. Observation and testing with horses were part of the research process in developing the Easy Now Equine Mist...